Top 5 Reasons to See an Endodontist for Your Next Root Canal Treatment

Don’t let a toothache get you down


Have you been told you need a root canal or are experiencing dental pain? It might be time to consult with a dental specialist called an endodontist. Endodontists are specialists in saving teeth and are experts in diagnosis, root canal treatment, and root canal surgery. Below see the top 5 reasons to see an endodontist for your next root canal treatment.


Advanced Education

According to the AAE, while all endodontists are dentists, less than three percent of dentists are endodontists. Endodontists have completed an additional 2-3 of training beyond normal dental school with advanced education in diagnosis of pain, and increased proficiency in root canal treatment and apical surgery. While a general dentist may be qualified to do root canal treatment, endodontists are experts. A dentist graduating school may have completed 5 root canals on average, while an endodontist graduates from residency having completed an average of 250 or more of this procedure. 


Experience and Efficiency

Because endodontists focus solely on endodontic treatment, they have an efficient and established workflow for these procedures. Endodontists complete an average of 25 root canal treatments per week, while general dentists may complete an average of 2. Their experience typically leads to shorter appointments and an improved patient experience. 



Most endodontists offer flexible scheduling to accommodate emergency patients who have severe pain or infection. At Dominion Endodontics, we reserve time for these patients each day, so that they can be seen as quickly as possible for treatment. 


Improved Technology

Endodontists use specialized equipment and technology to achieve better results. The most important piece of equipment endodontists utilize is the surgical operating microscope. The microscope allowed endodontists to work on a scale of less than a millimeter for precise navigation of the root canal system. Another important technology utilized at our office is the cone-beam computed tomography system or CBCT. The CBCT produced what looks like a 3D xray of the jaw and can be used for improved diagnosis and treatment. 


Detectives of Dentistry

Endodontists are often referred to as the detectives of dentistry due to their ability to locate the sources of pain and infection. They have a strong educational background in pain and diagnosis that allows for effective problem solving. Often a 3D scan or microscope can be used to detect nuances in the teeth, and alongside a thorough diagnostic exam, resolve the issue. 


If you’re still unsure about seeing an endodontist for your next treatment, consider the following statistics provided by the American Association of Endodontists:


Here at Dominion Endodontics, all of our providers are highly-trained endodontists. We use special equipment including 3D CT imaging, microscopes and ultrasonic instruments to achieve the best results for our patients. For our patients with dental anxiety, we also offer sedation for a more comfortable visit. If you are experiencing dental pain or infection, seek consultation with one of our specialists. Our three offices in Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church serve patients from all of Northern Virginia. Please call our office or book an appointment online today.

Dr. Nicholas Leon-Guerrero Nicholas Leon-Guerrero DDS My name is Dr. Nick Leon-Guerrero. I grew up in Modesto, California and attended college at the University of the Pacific. I continued at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco, CA for my dental school training and finished my degree in 2014. After that, I completed a one year General Practice Residency at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. After one year in private practice, I decided to further my training with a two-year endodontics residency program at Columbia University in New York, NY. After graduation, I started private practice with Limited to Endodontics in Boston, MA. Currently I live and work in Arlington, Virginia with several outstanding colleagues at Dominion Endodontics. We have additional office in both Falls Church and Alexandria, Virginia.

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