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COVID-19 Update

Currently our offices are open with normal business hours and practicing in accordance with the ADA and CDC guidelines in regards to COVID-19. The health and safety of our patients and employees are important to us. We are taking additional measures to assure everyone's safety including the frequent cleaning of all office spaces and use of state of the art sterilization equipment. We recommend wearing a mask in our office. Call for an appointment or book online today.

About Dominion Endodontics

Dominion Endodontics combines a highly trained staff and a fierce dedication to patient well-being, making the office a leading endodontic practice. Dominion Endodontics has convenient locations in Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church, Virginia. Through their multiple locations, the team can deliver high-quality endodontic care to patients throughout the state of Virginia.

Dominion Endodontics boasts a skilled team of endodontists who provide a range of endodontic services. These services include root canal treatment, emergency dentistry, regenerative endodontics, apicoectomy, pediatric root canals, and dental trauma treatment. The team at Dominion Endodontics is also happy to provide same-day appointments and second opinions. Indeed, the providers specialize in saving teeth that would otherwise need extraction.

The practice is the only one in the area to provide sedation treatment, helping to ensure the comfort of their patients and provide ethical and gentle pain relief. All appointments at Dominion Endodontics are also conducted in a relaxing environment to create a more pleasant experience.

Dominion Endodontics uses advanced diagnostic and procedural techniques, including 3D imaging, surgical operating microscopes, and digital radiography, to achieve the best outcomes with the least invasive process possible. To learn more, call or go online today to schedule an appointment.

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Digital Radiography

We use computerized x-rays, called digital radiography, which produce substantially less radiation exposure than conventional dental x-rays. These digital images can be optimized, archived, printed and sent to other dentists via e-mail or disk.



Surgical Operating Microscopes

We utilize surgical operating microscopes for every procedure. Magnification and fiber optic illumination are helpful in aiding our endodontists to see tiny details inside your tooth and more predictably treat endodontic pathology. Also, a camera on the microscope can record images of your tooth to further document and report findings to your dentist.


Computed Tomography Scan (CT Scan) Imaging

This three-dimensional x-ray allows for enhanced visualization of the internal and external anatomy of the tooth and surrounding structures beneath the gum tissue. These images enable our endodontists to accurately diagnosis endodontic pathology, restorative processes and traumatic injuries.

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